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Virgin Wig Collection

Gemstone Beauty Store

Virgin Indian Wig Collection

Gemstone Beauty Store

Virgin Single Donor Collection


In an industry full of imposters, true quality can be hard to find, but we make it simple. We’ve been delivering the same premium-quality virgin hair for 8 years running, and we have the fans to prove it!


We’re a different kind of hair company. In fact, we’re led by people just like you, and we spend every single day obsessing over how we can ensure that you’re treated like the true beauty that you are.


Who said you can’t have it all? We guarantee you won’t find a more affordable premium-quality virgin bundle than ours. Since the beginning, we’ve built our company to keep prices as low as possible, all for you.

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100% Raw Indian Temple Hair Collections
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Gemstone Beauty Store

Gemstone’s unique oxidized steam textured treatment technology, is not only chemical free, but is “naturally” engineered to protect the environment and more importantly, your heath. Gemstone’s curl pattern hair can be washed regularly and still remain lustrous, tangle free and durable, which for you means, no shedding.

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100% Raw Indian Temple Hair 

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This 100% unprocessed virgin hair is soft, relatively thick and very durable.  The natural density of the hair ensures it is less likely to frizz, which is a big plus. 

Gemstone Beauty Store